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Within his testimony during the Company away from Education’s negotiated rulemaking societal feedback months, Aquatic Corps experienced Chris Glock told me one Colorado Technology College or university billed certain charge which were maybe not protected by brand new GI Expenses. These integrated extra charge to take classes online through the COVID one leftover your having a costs for several thousand dollars to own YouTube video clips and online movement material he cannot supply. Discover his testimony here.

A keen admissions advisor from the Colorado Tech College or university to own number of years told me exactly how admissions staff hired experts and you may signed him or her up having funds into the not true and you can misleading means

That whistleblower after that told me the school create “re-use” students’ signatures from other data into the school funding files. Together with, the college would “overload” this new school funding to start with, making sure that there would be zero financing remaining for students when these were trying to wind up the values. Then youngsters might be lead to signal a student commission price (to pay for personal debt due towards college or university).