A board management tool enables board members to easily share and collaborate on documents prior to, during, or after meetings. Board members are better prepared for meetings and can make better decisions when they have streamlined communication and can review documents and other documents ahead of time.

Board directors used to rely on https://boardmanagementtools.info/why-a-nonprofit-needs-to-become-a-leaner-and-more-efficient-organization paper-based and digital tools, which were not designed to manage the flow of information during board meetings. These outdated methods can cause problems with efficiency, a lack of clarity about expectations for meeting and disengaged members. Board management software is helping organizations to transition from paper to digital, boost efficiency in meeting planning and execution, and increase efficiency between meetings.

When deciding on the best board portal for your business take note of the features that are most important to you. If you’re looking to make the process of scheduling meetings, for example, look for solutions that offer simple and intuitive visual calendar tools. If you’re looking to conduct virtual video conferences, pick one that has high-quality videoconferencing capabilities as well as document sync.

If you are looking to facilitate discussions during a virtual meeting, be sure that the system you choose uses discussion and polling tools. The ability to ask questions and get immediate responses from other board members is a powerful feature that can assist you to drive the right conversations during the meeting. Nonprofit boards will also appreciate the ability to be able create and approve minutes of meetings following the meeting.