DRE 시리즈

Product Range

Outer diameter ø70 ~ ø110 Type Hollow shaft
Reduction gear ratio 1:50 ~ 1:120 Solid shaft

DRE90 (Outer diameter ø90)

Model Ratio 2,000 Rpm At start / At stop Momentary max. Input rotational speed(r/min)
Rated torque (Tr) Allowable acceleration
/deceleration torque
Allowable torque Allowable ave Allowable max.
N·m Kgf·m N·m Kgf·m N·m Kgf·m Grease lubrication
DRE90 100 32 3.2 72 7.5 164 16.7 2,000 3,000

* The above specifications are subject to change for upgrade.
*The above specifications are based on the external diameter ø90 and deceleration ratio of 1:100, so please feel free to contact us if you need other specifications.