DRP 시리즈


* DRP117 : 200W, 400W 서보모터 적합 * DRP125 : 750W 서보모터 적합

Model Ratio 외경 2,000 Rpm 기동,정지 시
At start / At stop
순간 최대
Momentary max
Input rotational speed (r/min)
정격토크 (Tr)
Rated torque
가/감속 허용토크
Allowable acceleration
/deceleration torque
Allowable torque
Allowable ave
Allowable max
N·m Kgf·m N·m Kgf·m N·m Kgf·m 그리스 윤활
Grease lubrication
DRP117 17 Φ103 110 11.2 308 31.4 528 53.8 2,000 5,000
DRP125 25 Φ132 140 14.3 392 39.9 672 68.4

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*The above specifications are subject to change for upgrade. If you need any other specification, please feel free to contact us.