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Haworth, Brian T. Sutch, Rebecca M. Romero Objectives To evaluate faculty-led discussion meetings (with about eight students) conducted face-to-face (in-class) or by synchronous, real-time videoconference (online), in a biopharmaceutics course taught in a facilitated problem-based learning (PBL) format. Methods Three methods were used to compare in-class versus online discussion sessions for two semesters. The first method involved three parameters that measured the quality of interactions between faculty (facilitator) and student (Fc–St), participation of students in the discussions (Par) click over here, and student–student interactions (St–St). The second method assessed student’s perceptions of the discussions with surveys. The third method mapped the interactions (a sociogram) between faculty (facilitator) and students in a discussion. Results There were significantly lower scores for Par and St–St (P

Physiological targets and you may pharmacology from curcumin

Guide ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca M. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin is the biggest element of brand new yellow color regarding turmeric, a keen Indian spruce that is taken from the newest rhizome of warm bush Curcuma longa, and this belongs to the Zingiberaceae nearest and dearest. Contained in this part, we discuss the pharmacological affairs out of curcumin and speak about the fresh molecular angles for those activities. We next opinion the fresh shown and potential scientific spends of curcumin. Curcumin is famous usually given that a therapeutic broker, but the device out-of step is actually intricate. The fresh new pharmacological aftereffects of curcumin appear to be the result of a beneficial synergism out-of communities out of poor biochemical connections with several physical goals during the interconnected signaling paths. These types of goals become nutrients including cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and you will proteins kinases, and you can transcription things eg NF-?B, STAT and you may Nrf2. Modulation ones particles has an effect on downstream affectors which make this new antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant, chemopreventive, anticancer, and you may antimicrobial factors regarding curcumin. This type of consequences were tested during the logical products away from curcumin for soreness and inflammatory sickness, malignant tumors, Alzheimer condition, cardio infection, and you may diabetic issues. The new products purchased variable amounts out of curcuminwith more frequencies and you may stage, to the standard end one to highest dosages away from curcumin during the quantity of g must see therapeutic outcomes. Find out more

Curcumin: Synthesis, Growing Role in the Pain Government and you can Health Implications

Publication Section Samples of bush-derived pharmaceuticals with become the attention off continuous and you can rapid lookup and you will development desire enjoys, at this point, started some scarce. Once many years, the past two decades had been characterized by a great 100-bend upsurge in what amount of scientific stuff wrote a-year that is actually out-of value on the entry to curcumin inside biomedicine. Find out more

Construction, synthesis and physical issues regarding curcumin prodrugs

Publication ChapterAsma Este-Magboub ,Pornchai Rojsitthisak, Chawanphat Muangnoi, Wisut Wichitnithad, Rebecca Yards. Romero, Ian S Haworth Curcumin has many possible pharmacological consequences and could enjoys therapeutic apps in many problem says, because talked about in more detail in the last section. But not, the potential medical efficacy away from curcumin is restricted because of the their physicochemical features of bad water solubility and you will imbalance, hence bring about reduced bioavailability. Prodrugs out of curcumin render a method to update of biopharmaceutical and you may pharmacokinetic characteristics, that will allow it to be exploitation of pharmacological negative effects of curcumin. In this chapter, i first opinion the fresh physicochemical and you will pharmacokinetics regarding curcumin. We following identify the design of curcumin prodrugs which have enhanced liquids solubility and increased chemical compounds balances which are often converted to 100 % free curcumin upon bioactivation in the vivo. We focus on previous triumph of this type, that have a focus on the framework, synthesis and you may evaluation out-of prodrugs based on promoieties and additionally proteins, fatty acids, nucleic acids, dicarboxylic acids, and polymeric information such as hyaluronic acidic and you will polyethylene glycol. This part has the reason for optimization of your physicochemical and biopharmaceutical characteristics and the biological situations away from curcumin prodrugs, towards mission using ones curcumin derivatives when you look at the logical apps. Find out more